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Consolidating 2 itunes accounts

So make sure this is the most important one, and the Apple ID that you want to use moving forward.

i Cloud is a central hub for most of your Apple ID activity on the i Phone.

But it isn't everything, you enter your Apple ID in different areas in i OS including Mail and both App Store and i Tunes Store.

We've rounded up links to all our i Phone tips and tutorials here: i Phone tips and tutorials, everything you need to know Mail and Notes (which is part of Mail under the hood) is the easiest part of i OS to use more than one account.

Any purchases you make on either account will be paid for by your main account.

Read more: How to set up Family Sharing on your i Phone Technically you can only sign in to i Cloud with one account.

Members of a Family Sharing group can download apps, music and games that each other has bought.

So once you've set up Family Sharing you can download all of your old apps using your new account.

[ For more see my post, Appleā€™s Vision for i Cloud.

It erases the past services and introduces only one new service: cloud based sync and transparent storage.

This is tricky because any purchases you make are linked to that particular Apple ID, and only appear on devices that use that Apple ID.

Read next: How to get someone else's Apple ID off your i Phone | How to check Apple ID balance No.

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