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Updating libronix books

Mark has also helped fill a gap as he rather routinely highlights specific uses not only of Bible Works, but also Logos software and often compares and contrasts the two, noting strengths and weaknesses of both pieces of software. Buy now and put it under the Christmas tree for later The sale has caused some on the BW forums to speculate whether this means BW8’s release is imminent, but BW staff has assured customers that this is a special treat for users to upgrade and not a way to cop people out of money only to find out that a new release is just weeks away. In the previous post on linking to the LSJ, I forgot to note that you can also link to BDAG, EDNT and TDNT using a similar set up.

So if the burning question in your heart is when is BW8 going to be released, the answer is: not for a while. To do this, you would have to replace the last set of numbers with theappropriate code.

While I learned Hebrew using a different grammar, my professor did highly recommend Weingreen’s grammar and when I had the chance to buy a used copy at a local bookstore (why they had a copy of a Hebrew grammar floating around sure beats me), I jumped at it and I can say that it is a very nice beginning level grammar.

Just one example of what is available—almost all of John Mac Arthur’s life works can be purchased on just one disk! ) There are, in fact, thousands of books and products that you can add to your Logos library.

Over the years I have found this software to be an invaluable resource in sermon preparation, and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

For more information about linking to Libronix, see the Logos documents: Linking to Libronix books from other applications and Web Linking to Libronix.

It should be noted that both Libronix and Bible Works have their own electronic versions of the LSJ.

Even more so with this one because it entails a lot of work before anything can even be posted.

However, since things have been so quiet here lately, let me remind you of other helpful things.

These are the sort of things Jim and I have hoped to have on this blog as well, but we have not been very successful at implementing this.

Also, related to this, if you haven’t added Mark Hoffman’s blog called Biblical Studies and Technological Tools, please do so now. If you’re not yet living in BW7, now is as good a time as any to sign on.

One marked difference between the two is that the Libronix version integrates all of the supplemental corrections and entries with the main entries.

Bible Works keeps the supplemental material separate.

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