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“Washington was ambitious, conscious of perceptions, meticulous in farming and exacting in orders to his generals and Congress representatives. Tobacco, furniture, everything had to come from London. His mix of different mouth structures caused him discomfort and embarrassment.” So with those onstage outfits, frock coats, breeches, hose and knee pants, how’s showbiz George get to the gents’ room?“The costumes are streamlined to make it easier for us to go to the john.” Added Christopher in a truly presidential voice: “And I don’t mind the silk stockings.

That’s interesting, I never thought of the songs as particularly optimistic.

Moana and Hamilton are both certainly strivers and they are people who sort of challenge boundaries and are seeking to go farther than what they see in front of them.

It’s a little subtler [here]: Moana loves her parents and she loves her people and she loves her island and there’s this voice anyway. there’s an earlier draft of the song called “More,” which you can hear on the deluxe edition of the CD, where she’s just kind of bored; she’s bored and she wants to get out.

And I think what’s more interesting is, are optimistic and they’re optimistic in the face of what a lot of people would consider pessimistic situations. That even if things don’t look that great that there is an optimism that you can express lyrically and musically?

Co-producer Deroy Murdock just reopened at the Connelly Theater in the East Village.

Page Six reported Tracy Morgan’s gig at Carolines comedy club. S.: The second night was so jammed that they led me to my table though the kitchen.

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I heard those Watergate tapes are in the public domain — except that 18-minute one, which Nixon owned free and clear.” Only in New York, kids, only in New York.

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