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Sim, ele cheira como amaciante de roupa/ sabonete, mas em um jeito incrível. Voyage fixa muito bem (8-10 hrs na minha pele e boa projeção.

Probably my worst blind buy so far (i'm lucky though :) ).

I feel mainly cucumber, very soft scent but longivity close to skin is good.

And for any of you out there that are the same a must-use-caution-type of fragrance as it is VERY strong and VERY easy to overuse making it WAY too strong. Scent Itself - 9/10 Projection - 10/10 Easily 6-8 feet.

Even me (and believe me, I'm a chronic over-sprayer)... It'll last you 7-8 hours and the projection is monstrous. Longevity - 7-8 hours and lasts 12-24 hours on certain clothing.

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