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Some people like to use it in monogamous relationships to ‘spice things up’ by acting as if they are perfect strangers who meet at a bar then have wild passionate sex in the alley.It depends on how intricate your ideas are as well.

Lucky for her, he's more than willing to help her out with that.

Alexander Hamilton is a startlingly brilliant Master's student with a chip on his shoulder, a hunger he wears on his sleeve, and a future riding on his ability to turn a controversial thesis topic into politically savvy masterpiece.

Nora has been stuck on the Prydwen for two weeks, and it's taking its toll.

When Maxson has to break up a fight between her and another knight, he realizes she needs a new outlet for all the tension she is carrying.

Alexander Hamilton fucked himself into this mess and he was going to fuck himself out.---There were many things that Alexander Hamilton deserved, but an insanely hot history professor bursting with passion was not one of them. The cute kid that sat next to him in discussion wasn't helping.

Second semester brought a man that had Alex wanting to drop to his knees and beg for a taste.Carl has found himself playing father to his own father and wonders if he'll ever recover.Either way, he'll do what he must to comfort and care for his dad even if it means treating him like a baby.With role playing games, or RPG, you can explore these things in safety and in comfort, alongside someone who in reality you already know and trust.There are of course the traditional role play ideas that come to mind: student and teacher, nurse and doctor (plays well into medical fetishes) and celebrity fantasies.If you have a problem with Littles etc then this story isn't for you leave now.Hybrids Yoongi and Jungkook are going to have to get used to their new home with alphas Jimin, Hoseok and Taehyung.Little Kim Seokjin/Caregiver BTS AU that I've wanted to write for like a year now RIPSmall collections of little Seokjin!The story will follow a general timeline but it's more fluffy scenarios, slight angst and a whole lot of Seokjin being adorable.George Washington is the top queer theorist in the country, his academic prowess overshadowed only by his husband Lafayette's international fame as a model-cum-photographer.He doesn't do supervisions, and he doesn't get involved with his students.

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