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They are men with criminal pasts, but also public officials and students.

That is how many trafficking cases start, police said — girl meets boy online.

The Internet has connected people with perpetrators they may never have met otherwise, and allowed perpetrators to reach into small towns they may never have visited, Docks said.“The Internet touches those folks now,” he said of trafficking in general, not the Mason girl’s case in particular. running away to the movie theater up the street, now you can run away online.

The State Journal chose not to identify the MSU student because he could not be reached for comment and was not charged with a crime. 21, a friend sent Ireland a link to an online story about the missing girl. Minutes after posting the ads, someone used the same computer to search for information on teen prostitution.

Ireland told police the MSU student posted the ads.

Trafficking "is a concern for all law enforcement," said Capt. "The communities that surround campus, as well as on campus.

It should be on everyone's radar and investigated."Sometime in the last few weeks, the FBI in Detroit came across two “very active prostitutes.” They were “recovered,” not arrested, said Maureen Reddy, assistant special agent in charge of the FBI’s operation in Michigan. The recovery approach, which places victims in shelters or with family instead of jail, is part of the shift in the way the crime and its victims are viewed.“I don’t think it’s a new crime,” Reddy said.Efforts are under way to make human trafficking lessons part of police academies."Oftentimes, at training, as you’re presenting the information, you can see light bulbs going on in the room of people actually recognizing or understanding, ‘Wow, I think I may have actually come across this in the past and that’s what this was,’” said Kelly Carter, an assistant Michigan attorney general on that agency's human trafficking unit, which trains police and community groups on the issue.Public awareness means more potential jurors will understand the difference between prostitution and trafficking and more traffickers will be held to account, Carter said.Through the work of advocates such as the Washington-based Polaris Project, more people are now aware that many prostitutes are forced into the work.Months after the FBI's Detroit office formed a new squad in January 2015, the term “sex trafficking” peaked in popularity on Google, according to the search engine.The federal investigation into Smith’s case led to the March 14 arrest and 15 prostitution-related charges against longtime Ingham County Prosecuting Attorney Stuart Dunnings III.And it’s an ongoing problem, police said.“I’m sure there are rings going on right now in Lansing,” said Ted Docks, the agent who leads the FBI’s Lansing office.That night, Ireland raped the girl while she was sleeping. Ireland is now in prison, at least until 2022, on multiple charges related to the rape.MSU police sought child pornography, human trafficking and other charges against the MSU student, but Ingham County prosecutors denied the request because there wasn’t enough evidence to prove the student, and not Ireland, had posted the ads.According to police reports, Ireland and the friend took the girl back to the friend’s apartment at Spartan Village.People were drinking alcohol and Ireland drank cough syrup to get high, but the teen did not drink or do drugs.

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