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Genelia: It’s not just about spending all our time together, as we love company too.We think our personalities develop more when we have more friends, our conversations are more interesting and for me that entire time I step out, because I am so much in the house, I look forward to spending that time in the car that Riteish takes to reach his destination, so we have a couple of moments with each other.

She is fun to be with and she can light up any place, any mood and that’s personality-driven.

For Genelia, the sparkle in his eyes every time she looks at him, just lights up the room.

Their love story in a cynical world full of breakups and separations comes as a refreshing inspiration to many in B-Town…You’ve moved from friends to lovers and then marriage…Riteish: I am glad that with Genelia, we met, became friends and then that friendship grew into conversations that went on for a very long time.

Maybe we go out or call some friends over or step out for some coffee.

So that time is just for me and her and then we catch up on what’s happening in each other’s lives and just connect.

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