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Looking For Age: to 60 Ethnicity: Not important94.143.240.130 Boris A. 64a Petrozavodsk 185005 Russia After reading her letter it was "clear" that it is a russian Girl and its definately a Scam. That she request a Xmas gift....also be a joke....have nothing to say. my phone number it is 7911 410 04 66 when you want to call me let me know? the other Page is the Detail which we need for a Check ... I think that we could tell about my visit when I have my papers but I would like in the spring and I must know what better time is for you? The company competes with Yandex, as well as with (also owns, which made headlines for a second time this year for suffering at the hands of hackers. It was leaked March 2014 and contained millions of accounts.

Petersburg Country: Russian Federation Status: Never married Education: College Profession: stylist Occupation: stylist Religion: N/a Smoking: No Drinking: Sometimes Zodiac: Scorpio Personality Nice and friendly. You've to continue and do "your Homework" .....since she ask already for money, she'll give you a address for sending the money..... every have this ID in Russia and this is the last piece which we need ... So now I have contact details and a photo ID document - see below and attached. Regards, Ben I think that if you send me 1000 euro so this will be it is enough for make all thing !!

Interests listening to claccal music, reading romantic poems, doing sports... there is no reason for a lame excuse from her not to send this copy, only when she have a guilty conscience ...... the bank Western Union in my name My name Ekaterina patronymic name Alexsandrovna surname Erofeeva and my address Russia Karelia town Petrozavodsk 185031 avenue Octajbrskij 13 - DV .

I hope one day you will be able to invite me to travel to some of the nice places in your country?

I dont been abroad and want traveling soon ) Your country so fairy and I want to be on nature in mountain or beside water under starry cover of the nights and observe amazing cosmos with fall star and birth of the new galaxies this so romantic!!

Here are the few last emails from her and She contacted me on a reputable dating website. Thank for your answer and send me more your pictures I would like see more and I send my pictures for you!!

I hope you have good evening and think of me as I think of you!!

They search through the social networks and dating sites databases, to see if a person with such email is registered somewhere.

RESEARCH YOUR SCAMMER, FIND OUT WHO IS BEHIND THE EMAIL Welcome to RS from all of her email texts, it sound like other scam format. When Boris is desperate he'll write again or when he don't read Mail, then we've still a Chance .....

she want you to help her aka sent her 650 Euro and a christmas will not asking it so would you mind post her pics and email ID so we can help you more. The Distance between Saint Petersburg (Sankt-Peterburg) and Petrozavodsk (Kareliya) is : 306.87 kilometers.

and please dont send any money to her even if you really love her. Some one who ask $$$$ in the net while we never seen her/ him in person = scam Hi Minerva, Thanks for the fast response. Thanks to reading up on sites like this I seen this coming, never sent her a penny! The approximately estimated travel/road distance can be around 352.9 km to 383.59 km Update, Hmm seems I pissed him/her off.

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