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The owner of the 97-year-old building that houses Waldbart’s at 1005 South Big Bend Boulevard plans to sell the property.The building will be torn down to make way for a Total Access Urgent Care center.

It may be London's beach, but don't expect to pop into the sea.

The water is usually pretty cold and the shingle beach is not to everyone's taste.

The funny thing is that still look dorky, I’m kind of a Bill Gates type, but my state of mind is so powerful, the women just can’t resist me.

Imagine showing up for a date thinking: Anchor yourself to ultimate dating success!

Remember that time in your life when you were completely confident?

Whether we realise it or not, we are constantly giving verbal and non-verbal clues to our dates as to how we see, think, and feel about ourselves.

Singles in Brighton will discover the romantic surprises of this vibrant city.

Impress your date with a trip to Brighton, with almost too many romantic ideas to choose from.

A simple formula for practicing detachment is “pay attention to the details, let go of the outcome.” This means that you do the activities that will help you realize your goal, and then let go of attachment to the outcome of that goal.

In the three weeks since I started listening to the course, I’ve had a different lady over almost every night!

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