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I actually res…resp…respec—sorry, I’m having trouble saying this­—I respected her. After the breakup she reached out a couple times, which I resisted ferociously.

But since, I’ve warmed to the idea of being friends with my ex, and even suggest you do the same.

That’s what the gay community does, that’s what I learned to do, and you can too. After some time apart, we started sending each other memes, which is 2018’s equivalent of waving a white flag.

They're by Public Desire and we've included them in our edit below.

The star recently spoke about how she overcame years of bulling and abuse, telling Cosmopolitan in July that she was cruelly nicknamed 'cow' because of the white patches covering her face and body growing up.

Click (right) to buy her luxe velvet blazer now but just make sure that belt is tied tightly to avoid a wardrobe malfunction.

Velvet is having a moment this season with designers like Victoria Beckham, Givenchy and Balmain all using it in their latest collections.

But if Kyle focused less on leg day and more on mending his insecurities, maybe he wouldn’t feel he has to compete with Josh.

Conversely, she—let’s call her Kate—should feel free to be friends with Josh.

The America's Next Top Model alumni showed off her catwalk ready pins in a jacket by Gestuz that she wore as a dress.

We love this idea and if you're feeling daring why not follow her lead?

Strong album sales and large-scale tours propelled the band's increasing fame in the 1990s until their break-up in 2000.

Corgan started a new band called Zwan, and after their quick demise, he released a solo album The Future Embrace in 2005 and a collection of poetry (Blinking with Fists) before setting his sights on reforming Smashing Pumpkins.

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