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Lively dating penn badgely

"No, I didn't."He is now dating Zoe Kravitz, Lenny Kravitz's daughter.

The pairs story is fairly well known: They started dating after meeting on the set of only to break up in 2010.

A., calling the Gotham city a bit "tame" in comparison.

Spotted: Dark clouds hovering over Manhattan as Lonely Boy and S go their separate ways.

(A rep for The CW declined to comment.) Dan and Serena haven’t been dating since season two — and are technically step-siblings — but there’s always been a spark there (heck, we even said they belong together! And life seems to imitate art for Badgley, who recently admitted that he’s “not friends” with other cast members like Ed Westwick, which makes his on-screen disdain for Chuck that much more believable.

Maybe someone needs to get over their Hemingway Complex?

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