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Paul mccartney dating nancy

Shevell has made a point of wearing Stella’s designs to various parties, ensuring maximum press coverage (Ms. Shevell is said to have done it with more sincerity and panache).

She has also pulled back when the media attention heated up.

“The last thing you can be here is threatening to other women.

Despite Sir Paul’s fortune of well over a billion dollars, he is famously stingy. There really isn’t much to talk about.” She smiled, pushing through the door out to Madison Avenue—presumably late for a bus.

(A source close to the couple noted with an eye-roll that during the couple’s courtship, Nancy always bought her own plane tickets to the U. Shevell can anticipate a lot of nights watching the telly.

In 1988, after buying the struggling trucking company NEMF, Myron Shevell was accused of colluding with Vincent Gigante, the head of the Genovese crime family. Shevell made illegal pay-offs in return for a deal that would allow his company to skirt union rules. Shevell was barred for five years from engaging in union negotiations.

Despite these difficulties, Nancy gravitated toward the family business.

PHOTOS: Hollywood's Best Bikini Bods Over 40Shevell -- who serves as vice president of her family's transportation conglomerate, which is reportedly worth nearly a half billion dollars -- married 73-year-old Mc Cartney in October of 2011. The brunette beauty is the legendary musician's third wife; Mc Cartney's first wife, Linda Eastman, died of breast cancer in 1998, and he split from his second wife, model Heather Mills, in 2006 after four years of marriage.

Paul mccartney dating nancy facts on interracial dating and marriage

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The couple’s engagement was announced on May 6 of this year. Shevell has been quoted by as saying that she’d love to live here in New York but that they would most likely wind up in England.

The wedding will be in London—a low-key affair (as these things go) with just a few friends and family members present. That’s where the story may diverge from the usual fairy tale. I haven’t been social and I have a small group of girlfriends.

Her interests, as listed in her 1977 yearbook, were skiing, flying, Vermont and, curiously, “boobs.” She went onto Arizona State University, where she majored in transportation—the only woman to do so at the time—and met her ex-husband, attorney Bruce Blakeman, with whom she has a son, Arlen, 19. Blakeman couldn’t offer a sharper contrast from her current beau. Nancy’s a great mother, and Paul treats my son very nicely.” Ms. Though her 10-year tenure came to an end in June, so far no seems to be in any rush to replace her. Shevell is well-liked by her colleagues, despite having missed a number of the monthly meetings and openly texting in others. “She plays for the company team,” said Gene Russianoff, longtime spokesperson for the Straphanger’s Campaign. (Indeed, Sir Paul, dubbed Macca by the British papers, recently suggested he may have been voice-mail hacked.) Reportedly, their acquaintance goes back some 20 years, due to the proximity of their weekend homes in the Hamptons. Shevell’s East Hampton residence, valued at million, is said to be far nicer than Mr.

A die-hard Republican who challenged Kirsten Gillibrand in 2010, Mr. Shevell joined her father’s company in 1983, becoming VP for administration in 1986. She breezes through her agenda items with a certain practiced efficiency and a firm grasp of Robert’s Rules of Order. “During her tenure as bus committee chairman, they eliminated 570 bus stops, which led to worse service. Mc Cartney’s Amagansett getaway.) Their romance first became public in 2007, when reported that they’d been spotted at a South Fork sushi spot.

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