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He seems to be caught up in a different romance every week. Archie is nice enough, but Veronica is a determined, fiery, and independent woman, and she deserves more than a lost boy who can't figure out what (or who) the hell he wants.

First, there was his illicit affair with Miss Grundy, his music teacher; then, his short-lived fling with Valerie, followed by that weird pseudo courtship between him and Cheryl; and now we're back to Veronica. Plus, both of them have some heavy family issues to sort out before jumping into a relationship.

This translates to their physical appearances; Betty will be pretty but modest in dress, while Veronica will be Ms. As a rule, they will have different hair colors as per the Blonde, Brunette, Redhead trope. In a commonly-seen version, Betty is Archie's loyal comrade and usually his best friend, secretly pining for him while he (unaware of her feelings) is attracted only to Veronica, the sultry Ms. Betty, who wants Archie to be happy, may assist him in his pursuit of Veronica, even though we all know how much she wants him for herself.

For many fans, their relationship — through good times and really, really bad times — was and always will be the real romance at the heart of Before Veronica was a sleuthy teen P. with a murder to solve, she seemed to have a pretty normal life with Duncan, her normal boyfriend, and Lily, her (vaguely) normal best friend — who just happened to be dating Logan. Okay, so this chapter isn't so much a chapter as it is an ongoing theme throughout the entire series.

In place of, you know, traditional flirting, there was this: poorly stolen glances across the lunch yard and/or potential crime scene.

Whom the hero will end up with varies according to medium, story, and the values of the time period and culture where the story was made.

Traditionally, Betty stood a better chance, at least if the story had a Happy Ending, due to conforming to social standards, while choosing Veronica would only lead the poor sap into ruin.

For now, viewers can look forward to more tension over the new relationship between Bethead — Bughead? “I would say that it’s still a very new relationship,” Aguirre-Sacasa says.

Veronica kissed Archie when she first arrived in town, while Archie rejected Betty when she confessed her feelings for him (though she's since moved on with Jughead).In cases of Arranged Marriage, Betty is the girl the parents prefer and Veronica is the one they reject, especially if children are expected (because Betty is more likely to want them).When Archie meets Betty and Veronica at the same time — if they are sisters, for example — he will fall in Love at First Sight with Veronica and only notice Betty after she had time to grow on him (as, for instance, when he often comes to their parents' to try to woo Veronica).Any Marshmallow worth his or her salt knows about the KISS.It was appropriately epic and swoon-worthy and so long even the glorious GIF cannot contain its full story. When it comes to Riverdale (and the Archie comics, for that matter), there's a given fact that's always been and always will be: Archie is forever caught in a love triangle between Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge.This who-will-he-choose model has persisted through the decades and decades of comic book issues, and has already emerged as a romantic sticking point in the TV series.If there were ever a time to bust out the clichéd "bad timing" excuse, it's now.Then again, give teens a million reasons why they finally resolve Archie's love triangle, but based on the buzz the show has already been getting, that episode — and the answer to whether or not Archie and Veronica will stay together — won't be coming any time soon. This is only the beginning of one of those long, rocky, on-again, off-again relationships that are better left in high school.A long time ago, they used to be friends — it just didn't last long.In between mayhem and murder, betrayal and bus crashes, Kristen Bell's Veronica and Jason Dohring's Logan weaseled their way in and out of felony charges, in and out of bar fights, and in and out of make-out sessions.

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