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The leading actor’s face was thuggish and inexpressive.

The soundtrack was dominated by the soughing of the wind.

“We are all aware that sexual assault happens, but we don’t talk about it,” Higgwe said.

As for David Vann, he allows Medea to devour him and his readers: to read his book is to be swallowed down into her mad mind. None of them conforms to any sentimental ideal of the maternal. Clytemnestra was duped into delivering her daughter Iphigenia to a horrible death.“I’ve not known of sexual assaults that occur at the Greek Theatre before, purely off the top of my head,” said Capt. “This is extremely unusual and out of the norm.” Janet Gilmore, a UC Berkeley spokesperson, said the university encourages victims of sexual violence to immediately report the incidents to police.Additionally, students have access to Path to Care Center, a university program that provides students who have experienced sexual assault with counseling and resources, she said.“We are very concerned about what happened at the concert,” said Sgt.Sabrina Reich of the UC Berkeley Police Department.This week, he introduced the Solidarity Project to bring awareness to the issue of sexual assault.On Tuesday, there was a wall placed on campus for students to write messages of encouragement to victims of sexual violence, and he said the wall will be there all week.She was an adulteress who took a lover while her husband, Agamemnon, was away at war, and subsequently murdered that husband.She killed the enslaved Trojan princess Cassandra out of jealousy.­Aeschylus framed the as a conflict between mother-right and father-right and concluded with a judgement from Athena.The motherless goddess, born from her father’s head – woman but also all-man – ordains that humanity must find a way to reconcile the male and female principles.

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