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Bill kaulitz dating history

The album was released in Europe in mid-2007 (albeit with the name Room 483, the literal translation of Zimmer 483, to express its continuity with that album), however it did not reach release in the West until mid-2008.

375,000 copies of that album sold in just two months of released.

Edit The stylish and popular singer Bill Kaulitz was chosen as the most attractive singer on stage by the readers of the Spanish magazine in 2008.

He was also chosen for best dressed by German magazine in 2009.

Edit Tokio Hotel released their third album in 2009.

The band sold more than 10 million CD's worldwide.

Edit The first release of Tokio Hotel band was Schrei.Their two albums were already popular worldwide and it turns of their third album.This album was recorded in both in English and German version. After the success of Schrei, Tokio Hotel began working on their second album, Zimmer 483, released in February 2007.The album spawned three singles initially: "Übers Ende der Welt", "Spring nicht", and "An deiner Seite (Ich bin da)". To support the release of Zimmer 483, Tokio Hotel began a continental tour of Europe, spawning another live DVD and a large publicity boost.As Tokio Hotel's fanbase increased in the Western part of the world, the band decided to re-record selected songs from both Schrei and Zimmer 483 for a new English-language LP so that fans around the world could understand the band's songs.The result of these re-recorded songs was Tokio Hotel's debut English album, titled Scream.Listing and Schäfer were friends and after the show, having liked what they heard and saw, made an offer to join.The band was promptly renamed "Devilish" due to an article published at the time that referred to their "devilishly great"sound.Since an early age that Tom showed interest in playing the guitar, as did Bill in singing, and in several interviews, Bill claims that he and Tom started writing songs since the age of seven.When Gordon Tr Trouble came for the twins when in late 2008/early 2009 several female stalkers pursued the band relentlessly, even following Tom to his parents' home in Germany and attacked the twins' mother.

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