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Why would someone be in a adult 18 website to do so.That would be like being in a stripclub and cops come in and bust you trying to say the stripper giving you a lapdance is underage.If you did not know the other person was of legal age at the time of the chat and believed the person was 14 and engaged them in chat then that defense does not work because they will argue that you intended to contact a minor and you did not seek to verify the age of the other person.

IF you can prove these emails told you that they were an adult and that is when you engaged them in conversation, this is a viable defense since they have to prove you intended to have contact with a minor and the emails would prove there was no such intent and had you even thought it was a minor you would not have acted the way you did. They tried to delete the emails and changed my password XXXXX could not get onto email account to have proof.

Have given to lawyer and filed motion to compel discovery.

State prosecutor and officer have both seen new evidence.

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