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Button has developed a reputation as something of a playboy because of his love of luxury cars and beautiful women.

Jenson Button sued Mercedes after they refused to give him the car he drove to victory as a gift.

Button says his team, Brawn GP, which was later bought out by Mercedes, wrote into his contract that he would receive a Brawn BGP 001 if he won the championship.

Finally, with his wallet empty and his credit cards maxed out, the 30-something Briton drove his rented Ferrari to a luxury hotel, adjourned to a suite and wrote a suicide note to his wife, Sabrina, the mother of his three-year-old son, Daniel.

At a court in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, the 49-year-old was sentenced to 20 years in prison for the brutal murder of his wife four days before faking the suicide bid in an elaborate attempt to evade suspicion.

His previous conquests include model Florence Brudenell-Bruce and ex-Fame Academy contestant Louise Griffiths, to whom he was engaged.

In three days of excess, he’d spent thousands on designer clothes, strippers, prostitutes, cocaine and a mountain of gambling chips at the 24-hour card tables and roulette wheels at the vast resort hotels in the American desert.

The carbon-fibre vehicles are believed to have cost more than £1million each to build.

But in the months after Button’s crowning as the 10th British Formula 1 World Champion, there was no sign of his gift.

Prosecutors claim he deliberately turned the pistol to one side before pulling its trigger, so the bullet passed through his cheek, causing only minor injuries.

With Sabrina officially classified as ‘missing’, Bebb-Jones was able to return to Britain.

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