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It’s less “dissent’ than it is middle Australia dissing Gerry Harvey for being rich enough to hire ad agencies to point out how many fat stacks he has and how they should contribute more margin to his retirement fund courtesy of his “Hardly Normal” prices.Now the first thing that strikes me about the fiery debate going on right now is how completely irrelevant it is, given how obscenely rich and fortunate Australians in general already are.But in Germany, there is zero tolerance among peers for such frivolous activities.

For a decade now most major Australian retailers have desperately fought against the encroachment of the internet on their overweight storefronts populated with pimply, hungover, minimum wage teenage check-out clerks, who desperately leer at every girl who walks by.

I mean, clearly, it would be next to impossible for the ATO to force multinational retailers to send it 10 percent every time an Australian ordered a product online.

But also, it doesn’t seem reasonable to dump the GST for Australian retailers selling online.

opinion Right now the internet is ass-ploding with what might be politely called “dissent” regarding the claims being made by major Australian retailers that there is an uneven playing field in terms of selling goods online.

In short, a bunch of middle-class Australians with disposable income to spend on expensive consumer electronics gadgets and books have entered into full whinge mode at the prospect that they might have to pay an extra 10 percent GST to import cheap goods from international web sites like Amazon.

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