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Research dating relationships

Intimate partners of women with disabilities may have difficulty accepting a woman's disability.

When one determines the traits that are significant in a potential partner, then comes the difficult task of targeting and finding such a person.

Women with disabilities often talk about establishing intimate relationships, but they receive strong messages that they are not suitable intimate partners.

While younger daters are willing to sift through multiple potential partners by spending time on several dates with several people, the over thirty daters want quicker results with less effort.

This means that a turn away from singles bars, fitness centers, and other social activities has occurred.

One study found that, three to five years after leaving secondary school, young women with disabilities tended to have the same marriage rates as those without disabilities, but a closer look revealed that marriage depended on the types of disabilities they had.

It seems that young women with physical disabilities were less likely to be married than those women with learning, speech, and emotional disabilities.The void left by the rejection of traditional “meat market” arenas resulted in a need for better ways to target potential partners.Over the last two decades or so, the void has been filled with new services spawned by technology.As communities in the United States become more diverse, it is more difficult for people to identify potential partners that meet their specific desires.In the past, smaller communities where most people shared similar values, world views, and religions, daters could assume that the people they met would share characteristics that were significant to their own. Nevertheless, many people still prefer to date others who share things as personal as their religion and values, to seemingly less important traits such as vegetarianism or a love for animals.Are women with disabilities as likely as other women to be married? For example, in 1992, 50 percent of women with activity limitations were married compared to 64 percent of the women without activity limitations.Most notably, only 44 percent of women with severe limitations were married at the time of the study.Research paper topics on dating may include the following: Dating trends for those over thirty have changed in the past decades due to the increased numbers of people over thirty who are actively dating either due to divorce or the social trend to put off marriage until one is older.Further, the dating arena has changed for all who date due to the impact of the Internet.According to study of nearly 1000 women with and without disabilities, more than half (58 percent) of the women with disabilities were single compared to 45 percent of the women without disabilities - 42 percent of the women with disabilities said they were not married (or in a serious relationship) because no one asked them compared to 27 percent of women without disabilities.Smoking was another big deal breaker, associated with a 10-fold drop in interest. Dating & intimacy in the 21st century: the use of online dating sites in australia.

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