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Updating wii with wiikey

One last thing, Bug reports can be made on this page and general chatter (naturally it has to be related to the wiki) can be placed on the community portal. I'm not a member of the Wiikey family, I just own one and when I was getting started I needed help and that is why I made this to help all the noobs coming up. v1.9b has these new features: - audiofix fixed o_0 - dual layer support (no bitsetting required) - improved media support (all supported chipsets) - full Gamecube regionfree (no-swap/video setup) - various "smaller" improvements/fixes - workaround for FW 3.0 gameid limitation (existing wkb 1.2 discs will boot again) - "on the fly" settings for gc games (by holding buttons) - toggle audiofix, diskspeed, force NTSC/PAL v1.3 Setup Disc has these new features: Version 1.3 of the wii Key base system has an added configuration option for the full gc region free feature.

It also incorporates a new version of the wiikey dvd Dump application. Well first off let me say congrats on modding your Wii, with the wiikey.

In 2011 onwards I guess we can just split Wiis up in 2 categories.

Once it starts, use a Game Cube controller to click on "GCOS MB". Click on "Dols/", click on "sddvd-01g.dol" and follow the instructions on the screen (now would be a good time to insert the SD Card).

This will format your SD card and prepare it for dumping. Once it finishes go into that folder and you'll see the newly created image file of the game.

You are free to add your own experiences with the different games and disc.

Please do not run games you do not own and obey your country's laws.

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