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Divas, and was chosen as the winner by the judges, Nick and Aaron Carter.

Despite this, The Miz, who was acting as emcee, declared Kristal the winner.

On the following night on RAW a massive walk had happens.

Afterward they dragged her into the showers, fully clothed, where they proceeded to spank her while laughing.They marriage is going to be test by Kane, after he targeted John Cena especially when he want Cena to embrace the hate.Not only does Kane test the marriage of the Cena's several other peoples test their married too.He allowed the same wrestlers to run roughshod over RAW.He discipline wrestlers like Randy Orton, Ted Bi Diase, and of course, Stephanie's husband John Cena and that is not going to sit well with Stephanie.Of course, the interim General Manager John Luarinaitis had re-hired both the Miz and R-Truth.Meanwhile however, while all of this is going on Stephanie Mc Mahon Cena the CEO of the WWE is watching from home and she is disgust with what has been happen on the flagship show of the WWE Monday night RAW.Main Characters: Stephanie Mc Mahon Cena John Cena Khloe Elizabeth Cena, my character born on Sunday March 24, 2002Sophia Marie Cena, my character born on Saturday October 15, 2005John "JJ" Cena III, my character born on Saturday June 21, 2008Anthony Jacob Cena, my character born on Wednesday September 7, 2011.born 25 June 1977) is an English dancer, model, and retired professional wrestler best known for her time in WWE.Everything is almost the same expect for the changes that I had made to the storylines.Subplots: What if Linda Mc Mahon made surprise appearances on RAW and she had saves her son in law John Cena from being fire by Vince?

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