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Advantages and disadvantages of traditional dating

Some of them are pretenders as they hide under the spirituality as a means of covering up their past escapades. Many spiritual ladies might turn out to be pretenders and even worse than the normal ladies.

You must be a pastor, pastor’s sons, an Alfa, Imam or the Alhaji’s sons.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Dating Religious Women Dating a religious babe has many advantages.

The children born into the relationship have the highest chance to be brought up in God’s way.

The head of the family, that is the man, will be drawn closer to God if he is not.

They assist their partners and hold the house with prayers.

These women are obedient and hardly file for divorce because of the scripture’s commandment.

The men around them are looked down on if they are not as much as the women are or higher than them.

The career women are so independent, supportive, they do not care about their partners’ cash, and they fend for themselves, buy their possessions, drive flashy cars and live in flashy apartments.

They obey the doctrines and are obedient to all kinds of fast.

The religious babes castigate those that are not religious, they do not go out with men they do not see in churches or mosques.

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