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While she was mentally unavailable for one-on-one comment, Michelle did offer a form of defense for herself.

She posted a blog online, as a further means of getting a message across indirectly, on i (with the relevant enough slogan “Unedited. News.” which may subsequently make for truthful news).

The real culprit was surprisingly counter-intuitive: a former student government Parliamentarian named Michelle Fortune, who was 47-year-old.

She seemed just to be jumping back on the educational bandwagon for a master’s degree, being one of the relatively few middle-aged students, as she attended Boston University way back in ’82.

Her permanent marker claimed six ladies’ room stalls before waves of post-Virginia Tech panic spread through students all over campus that were all too weary of threats coming to fruition.

The threat, unlike the previous year’s target of random dorm-based students by fabricated sniper bullets which failed to occur, was more specific and exclusive: a date and time was assigned with violent sense continuity for the assassination of the college’s African American president, Dana Mohler-Faria.

It seems there was a time in her life where she tried to reach out, before she sealed her fate as a sociopathic criminal; she apparently added several college-aged guys as friends on Facebook in January 2007 who responded with such unwelcoming comments as “who are you? ” (no further online activity is displayed beyond this time frame).

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Upon calling her former publically-listed phone number, the only human response is being actively ignored or hung up on without so much as a “hello,” or even a “tell me your side”: both are greeted rudely.

She also made Christianity-signifying references to Jesus Christ, as in, “I ask that you pray to Jesus Christ for me because the people who are doing this are also living on Cherry Blossom Lane in this nearby town having DOGS LICK THIS MUSIC SINGER while they show her bodies in orgies and on the internet [sic].” Maybe the conversion in Michelle’s life from philanthropist to fugitive can be explained by a mid-life crisis, which (with the aided burden of a thirteen-year-old son and disabled mother) was brought about more abruptly in the presence of college-age pretty people and led to a blatant sense of self-awareness, knowing that her hey days occurred way back when she still fit the description of her contemporary classmates (going from dating pig skin-tossing boys to being tossed around by pig-skinned old men).

As for her empty threat, her intent seemed to be more focused upon anonymously garnering negative attention as an ironic means to add noticeable weight to her existence.

Most people would love to attribute such a bold crime to some living incarnation of Daffy Duck who, according to Detective Matthew C.

Turner’s most sympathetic diagnosis, just “has a couple of screws loose”; it’s easier to label evil than try to understand the human beneath the horns.

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