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Whoever you end up dating needs to appreciate you for who you are, and this includes your physical appearance. If a [someone] doesn't appreciate your unique beauty, [they're] not the [person] for you and you don't want to waste time trying to impress [them].""Not a text conversation, but an actual phone call, where you can hear [their] voice and communicate authentically for at least 15 to 20 minutes, says Baglan."That gives you enough time to figure out if you have enough chemistry to at least carry on a conversation.Well, actually, if you've ever participated in dating, you know it can be rough.

But it happens every day: Two people meet online, decide to hang in real life, have a good time together and do it again. With that in mind, I asked eight experts how to find a partnership online.

Their advice varied, but almost all of them agreed on one thing: Be yourself.

She also helps people write dating profiles professionally. While it might be tempting to lapse into what you do for work, what you do on weekends, and all the places you’ve traveled to, you really just want to give a snapshot of what it’s like to spend time with you, what you value most in life and what you bring to a relationship. Meet Mindful is "built on the premise of building meaningful connections with like-minded people," says Baglan, as opposed to sites geared more toward "casual hookups based on physical attraction." In your profile, you'll be asked to share your personal mantras and mindfulness practices, and how you integrate such practices into your life. To find love, she says, be honest:"First and foremost, make sure your profile reflects your authentic self.

Calling herself a "big believer" in online dating, here's one of her top tips:"You must start with a great attitude. You must be willing to put in that time and energy and bring a positive vibe to the table no matter how many times you've been disappointed or hurt in your past. As for the kind of person and relationship you’re looking for, give an outline — not a laundry list. Leave the door open a crack for a pleasant surprise — Mr. So often women fib on their profiles because they want to put off a persona that they think will attract the 'right kind of guy.' The problem there is that the right guy for you is one who accepts and loves you for exactly who you are, and you'll never find that guy if you don't show your authentic self from the get-go.

The next man or woman shouldn't have to pay for the last man or woman's mistakes.""After a great attitude comes a great profile," says Klein. Post at least two photos, and make sure one of them is full-length.

"The secret to online dating profile success is twofold. 1: You need to figure out exactly what you want to say, including who you are and what kind of person and relationship you're looking for. Again, this goes back to being your authentic self. And you should should show off your natural beauty in your profile.So absolutely don't be afraid to be unique and share your thoughts and stories.This is how you will connect with someone before you've ever even met.Don't worry about scaring off potential suitors because of your clear expectations.The people you want to attract should also be looking for love, not just sex, and for those people, your clear expectations are likely to be a turn-on.Perhaps you've swiped your last right on Tinder, and are heading for greener — or at least more stable — pastures.Here's Stewart's two cents on that:"You can also write your profile to be appealing in a more selective way.If it feels like you're pulling teeth just to keep the convo going, that's probably a good indication that meeting in person isn't worth either of your time.One way we've tried to provide that clarity with Meet Mindful is by giving users the option to clearly express what kind of relationship they're looking for — with options including friendship, dating or long-term relationship.Maybe you have already dated a lot and know exactly who you're looking for. You want the reader to feel like they know what it would be like to hang out with you just by reading about you.In which case, it may be better to have a more selectively written profile. To accomplish this, you'll want to discuss not just your likes and dislikes but the 'whys' behind your likes and dislikes.

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