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: Inside Atomwaffen As It Celebrates a Member for Allegedly Killing a Gay Jewish College Student, A. Thompson, Ali Winston, Jake Hanrahan, Pro Publica, February 23, 2018.

• Far-right attacks on faculty hurt us all, Jessie Daniels, Clarion, February 2018: ‘The increasing attacks on faculty are part of a well-funded and orchestrated campaign by the far right.

Their strategy is to use social media to discredit academics and thereby devalue higher education.’ • No Re-Turning Point, U. A., The Baffler, Maximillian Alvarez, January 26, 2018: ‘From the “Professor Watchlist” to Tariq Khan, TPUSA’s campaign to silence opposition.’ • The Eye of the Troll Storm: Tariq Khan Interview with It’s Going Down, Black Rose/Rosa Negra, February 10, 2018: In November, Ph D student of history in Illinois, father, and Air Force veteran Tariq Khan, found himself in the center of a whirlwind of controversy, and a punching bag for a variety of Alt-Right and Alt-Lite blowhards – from Info Wars, to Gavin Mc Innes, to Anthony Scaramucci.

Leaving to one side the horrific nature of the alleged crime, it’s worth noting that the Aryan Nations played host to members of the United Patriots Front (now known as ‘The Lads Society’) when they visited Perth in November 2015 in order to both attend a Reclaim Australia anti-Muslim rally as well as to announce the formation of their political party, ‘Fortitude’.

Indeed, the announcement by Blair Cottrell — in the company of Melbourne-based UPF members Neil Erikson, Chris Shortis, Tom Sewell and Linden Watson and Perth-based members Kevin Coombes (‘Elijah Jacobson’) and Dennis Huts — would appear to have taken place in the same property which, just a few months later, was the site of the grisly murder by their Perth neo-Nazi Founder of Epping ‘community response group’ says they’re not vigilantes Paul Shapiro Whittlesea Leader February 5, 2018 WHITTLESEA’s top cop has poured cold water on a crime-fighting “community response group” led by a martial-arts expert.

2) Aryan Fortitude Members of the Perth-based neo-Nazi groupuscule ‘Aryan Nations’ were in court last week, charged with murder: ‘Robert Wayne Edhouse, 22, Melony Jane Attwood, 36, and Corey Joshua Dymock, 21, are on trial in WA’s Supreme Court accused of murdering Ms Atwood’s partner, 42-year-old Alan Taylor, at their Girrawheen home in April 2016’ (Aryan Nations white supremacist ‘death squad’ murdered man for insurance claim, court told, Joanna Menagh, ABC, February 8, 2018).

: Aryan Nations Perth: FIFO worker Alan Taylor allegedly killed by Nazi ‘death squad’, Tim Clarke, Perth Now, February 8, 2018 | ‘Death squad’ on trial for brutal murder of Perth man, Tegan Sapwell, 9News, February 9, 2018.Note that the accused killers played host to the ‘United Patriots Front’ when they visited Perth in November 2015 and that their residence was used by Blair Cottrell as the location for the announcement that the UPF would be forming a political party, ‘Fortitude’.(The UPF has since morphed into something called ‘The Lads Society’.) Aleksander Wojno, Aleksander Wojnowski, Alex Wojno, Alex Wojnowski, Alexander Wojno, Alexander Wojnowski, altright, Antipodean Resistance, Atomwaffen, Iron March,, It's OK to Be White, Melbourne University, The Lads Society, United Patriots Front, University of Melbourne 1) ‘The Radical Right in Australia’ OUP has published an essay on ‘The Radical Right in Australia’ by myself and Aurelien Mondon which you can read online or download for free here.It then turns to the 1990s and explores the rise of Hansonism and its impact on mainstream politics.The final part of the chapter is dedicated to the current state of radical right politics in Australia.Oh, and in California, police have been collaborating with neo-Nazis in order to bring about prosecutions of an TEEfa (and otherwise being a nanny-state to fascists).: California police worked with neo-Nazis to pursue ‘anti-racist’ activists, documents show, Same Levin, The Guardian, February 9, 2018.The guy who handed me that leaflet was not a stranger to me.I’ve seen him and his friend around campus before—sieg heiling when I’m doing left wing stalls, handing out leaflets advertising Adolf Hitler, postering pro-Trump propaganda and threatening people who speak up with “physical force”.• Neo-Nazi organiser Elliott Kline (‘Eli Mosley’) was the go-to guy for JJJ’s Hack current affairs program back in August, called upon to explain to The Kids what happened in Charlottesville; he’s now been featured in an article for (How Our Reporter Uncovered a Lie That Propelled an Alt-Right Extremist’s Rise, Emma Cott, February 5, 2018) which calls into question a number of aspects of his biography.Fingers xed, JJJ will have him back on to explain How Jews Control The Media.

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