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It’s important to fill in and sign the declaration on Customs label CN22 or CN23.Local customs authorities at overseas bases also have the right to examine mail addressed to HM Forces. For more about this, read our Customs information or ask at your local Post Office® branch.I found his army records and learned that he gained his medal holding off the enemy at the Yser Canal.

Early forms of military mail may go back to the dawn of civilization.When you want to stay in touch, you can send For more detailed information on addressing guidelines for HM Forces mail go to https://uk/bfpo/how-to-address-bfpo-mail Minimum One surface at least 90mm x 140mm.Maximum size The maximum size for Small Parcels is: Length: 45cm Width: 35cm Depth: 16cm Weight: 2kg All parcels going to BFPO destinations outside the EU must have a signed customer declaration attached to the outside of the parcel. HM Customs and Excise pays close attention to all HM Forces Mail arriving in or leaving the UK. Thereafter, HM Forces Railcards can be obtained by war widows/widowers and their dependants, through the Royal British Legion. Please see our Terms and Conditions for full details. Widows/Widowers and their dependant children may retain the use of purchased HM Forces Railcards for the remainder of the valid period until the existing expiry date of the card.In some cases, military personnel in a combat zone may post letters and/or packages to their home country for free.Modern military mail services are provided by most armed forces around the world.The sergeants reported to the Duke of Wellington’s the Superintendent of Military Communications, Major Scovell and later Lieutenant Colonel Sturgeon.After complaints about the mail services to the British troops fighting in the Crimean War (1854–56) the Postmaster General authorised the secondment of GPO staff to organise and distribute mail in the theatre of war.Thomas Reynolds, as the British Post Office Agent in Lisbon, Portugal was made responsible for coordinating the exchange of the British Army’s mails at the port during the Peninsular War (1809–14).Two Sergeant Postmasters were appointed to work with Reynolds.

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