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Automatic updating graphs excel

In this article, my aim is two-fold: ) isn’t just in the realm of tracking studies. You can essentially write a report from a mid-field data export, and then automatically update your report with the final data.

This can speed up your reporting turnaround enormously.

The information in a table is essentially text (even if they represent numbers). Therefore when setting up a table to export from external analysis software will need to have the table’s data (including the numbers and column labels) set up as you want it before it comes into Power Point.

On the other hand, with charts you can hide certain elements (such as rows and columns).

It passes its data back to the app that called it and slinks away into the night.

No saved data in a file, nothing to trigger Power Point's automatic link updates.

You can use this design and apply it to other charts within Power Point, using the Change Chart Type button in the design ribbon.

Power Point saves the template as an external file. Certain (clever) programs can reference this file when they instruct Power Point to build a chart. Check out Q’s wiki for some general tips that apply regardless of whether you are using Q or not.

You can also change how the visual chart references the hidden data at will.

This lack of a hidden data spreadsheet with tables, has implications on the design of tables as well.

The fact that Excel supplied the data in the first place doesn't really enter into things.

The link is from MSGraph to Excel in this case, but MSGraph is never launched until you doubleclick the graph in Power Point, so only then does it realize that there's a link to external data and update it from Excel. Select Tools | Macros | Security on the security level tab, check MEDIUM.

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