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The food here is always stellar, and highlights include a wagyu and foie gras carpaccio and a truffle-infused English pea toast.

The wine pairings are also available from a top sommelier.

If you’re feeling extra adventurous, book tickets for Playground 2.0, the restaurant’s culinary theater that offers multi-course tasting dinners.

While the prix-fixe dinner menu changes regularly, it always features elegant, modern interpretations of Mexican food, like scallops served with a soft Oaxacan cheese and black squid ink crumbs.

finalist Amar Santana’s tapas spot is influenced by different regions of Spain, but his flavor-packed dishes -- like chicken cannelloni glazed in foie gras sauce -- will have you thinking you’ve never quite tasted anything like it before.

Plus, the donuts are prepared in small batches throughout the day -- so snagging one fresh from the fryer is practically guaranteed.

Orange County has one of the largest Vietnamese communities in the US, so it should come as no surprise that you’ll find incredible Viet eats in Little Saigon.

It also gets bonus points, though, because while plenty of high-end chop houses don’t bother perfecting side dishes, Mastro’s also kills it with mouthwatering lobster mashed potatoes, creamed spinach, and an unapologetically rich butter cake for dessert.

One of the County's modern classics is Google-challenged A Restaurant, home of the former Arches in Newport Beach.Highlights include the kare kare, a traditional meat stew that’s transformed with roasted cauliflower here, and a craft cocktail menu featuring classic Pinoy ingredients like calamansi and ube.Right in Santa Ana’s Arts District, this cozy gastropub is perfect for a first date (or second, or third... It’s got an intimate vibe, an outdoor patio, and a menu of highly shareable Spanish bites -- like smoked-chile mussels and chile relleno -- and stiff cocktails.Old Vine Café is blasting out lengua (that’s beef tongue) omelets for brunch, a house-made meatball panino for lunch, and prix-fixe dinner menus that'll nail you with char-grilled lamb chops w/ a blueberry demi-glace.This small-batch donut shop does it right: Its signature huckleberry 'nut is one of So Cal's best, and its ante can be upped with seasonal variations like passionfruit and guava add-ons.The highlight, though, is the Dog's Eye Pie -- a delicious, crusted melange of ground beef and onions.Since a list of OC’s best restaurants wouldn't be complete without at least TWO restaurants with the word "vine" in their name, may we present this globally inspired bistro?Exhibit A: a spicy pork sausage topped with yakisoba noodles, okonomi sauce, aonori, and red ginger.Anyone who has sunk their teeth into one of these Golden Foodie Award-winning burgers will tell you that they’re really THAT good.The brunch menu is familiar but refreshingly non-basic, like the pulled pork Benedict doused in Creole mustard hollandaise.This grill-your-own Japanese BBQ place has drawn looong wait times for years, thanks to top-quality meats -- from the classics (boneless short rib and rib-eye) to the deliciously experimental (salted beef tongue, intestines, and liver). Pie-Not serves up traditional Australian pies, each taken up a notch with top-quality fillings (sirloin steak, lamb, chicken, vegetari-ugh-an) with a flaky crust and a no-silverware-allowed caveat.

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