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After that, he decided to shift gears and became a Web Developer.

He is an avid sportsman and a melomaniac that enjoys the mindfulness that mountain climbing brings.

Prior to joining Alpha Sights, Brian worked at Thought Works as a consultant, helping other companies to be more awesome.

When not in front of a computer, he can be found being choked out in a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class.

While not at work, he travels around England seeking out the best and greatest coffees.

You'll also find him at local Ember and Ruby meet ups where you can ask him what the secret to a great pan fried sandwich is.

After graduation, he worked as an application developer for a financial services firm in New York before joining Alpha Sights.

In his free time, he likes following world football and is a fanatical supporter of Chelsea Football Club.

Zainul joined Alpha Sights in August 2015, straight after graduating from university.

His time there was divided between studying Law and running a small startup - it was the latter where he found his true calling in building awesome software.

He has set his mind on climbing the highest peaks in the world.

Gustavo joined Alpha Sights in 2014 as a Software Developer Apprentice.

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