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It is therefore of utmost importance that a person is well prepared for every aspect of a job interview.In fact, most of the interview time schedule is spent on many aspects of the tough interview questions – “Tell Me about Yourself” and your interview answers. Standard questions during a job interview are “tell me about your professional experience”.

Companies are known to sack people even after years of working, simply on the basis of some false information provided to them during the initial interview. It is very important that no irrelevant and unnecessary information is given out during the question.

The question seems to be quite simple, but it is actually one of those make or break questions, from which an interviewee can never recover and hence loses the job opportunity. While telling about yourself, be prepared to be asked further questions about any facts and figures that you have provided.

Here’s why...” With the ground properly set, continue planting those seeds.

Segue to your most recent work experiences, underscoring the direct parallels to the position. You might say for example, “I developed key strategic partnerships with more than a dozen businesses in less than a year -- and I’m confident I can do the same for you.” You also might allude to the revenue these new partnerships generated for your employer.

Be conversational and humble, but look the interviewer directly in the eye to convey your confidence.

You might say, “I agree that it looks good on paper, but the other key to developing these partnerships is working with people.By being specific and positive, you also are quietly establishing yourself as a can-do person – just the kind of person who would be an asset to this company, too.Link your personal attributes to the job description in a deft manner.And I pride myself on prompt follow-up, attention to detail and being a resource for my clients.” By now, the seeds of optimism should be sprouting in the mind of your interviewer, so water and fertilize them for a winning finish.Wrap up your answer with an optimistic statement of how your career objective matches the position for which you're interviewing.For example, if you have said that you have a Bachelor’s degree, make sure that you provide further details if asked, or even (in some countries) carry a copy of the same. You might tell the interviewer that your hobby is fishing, but telling about your last fishing trip in which you missed a big fish would be too much information, unless the interviewer is a big fishing fan and actually goads you into telling the details.Any information given without the relevant proof may be deemed suspicious and ambiguous. Also, even if asked, you should not give them too much information about your family members.Remember that an interviewer doesn't want to know where you grew up, the names of your children, or your favorite author.She really wants to know why you would be an asset to the company and what you can contribute.Try to speak in short sentences and moreover, try to give them as much information as possible in the least amount of time.Here is a brief idea of what you would be saying, refer to: How to Describe Yourself in an Interview. You should ascertain that none of the information that you provide about yourself is repeated or duplicated from your curriculum vitae.

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