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"The GPS collars are programmed to automatically [...] "For every person who moves to San Francisco, another two start commuting to work here.

With a subject as four-dimensional as geology, you can never have too many diagrams and photographs.

I wish I had many more, but my permissions, time and artistic skills go only so far.

I've done my best to write by that creed, but my understanding has limits, and geoscience jargon does afford a certain economy of word, thought and mental image.

I've made an effort to introduce important terms along the way, but in the interest of text flow and time (mine), I've often assumed an unrealistic familiarity with geologic lingo and timescalesat least for most potential visitors.

He said that initiatives like the National Flood Insurance Program, which focuses on helping people rebuild in areas that have been flooded, were [...] "Most operating housing stock is safe, decent, sanitary, and habitable—and a large portion of it is operated at below-market rates," he says.

"Shouldn’t a significant portion of dedicated affordable housing funds be prioritized to ensure these units remain affordable?

Recounting them online is an exercise in geo-journalism, a reporting of the what, where, when, how and why of physical Colorado in a regional context while featuring points of particular interest in the Colorado landscape.

(Occasionally, the who figures in as well.) If my words and photographs impart even a hundredth of the wonder and fascination that a writer like ^John Mc Phee or a painter like ^Maynard Dixon can stir, I'll have done a decent job.

Most of the diagrams shown here come with permission from ^Geological Society of America publications or from online public domain ^US Geological Survey and NASA resources.

Like Colorado itself, this site is a work in progress.

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