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Finding the target – an aircraft assembly plant – becomes difficult as bombardier 1st Lt.Val Kozlowski (Billy Zane) can't see the target because of a smokescreen the Germans have created.

Back at the base, Harriman and Derringer have harsh words after the latter starts decorating the mess hall for a celebration upon the Belle's return.All the extras for the film were obtained from auditions held in the area, and included current and former members of the Royal Air Force.The filmmakers also used Pinewood Studios to shoot interior scenes and to shoot various models of B-17s.Once clear of the anti-aircraft fire, they are again attacked by fighters. Richard "Rascal" Moore's (Sean Astin) ball turret is destroyed, but he is saved by the safety strap.The attacks continue, blasting a hole in the fuselage, tearing off a large chunk of the tail, and setting the number four engine on fire. (T/3) Danny "Danny Boy" Daly (Eric Stoltz), is wounded in the attacks, which puts Kozlowski in a difficult position when the crew enlists his self-exaggerated medical "expertise" to save the injured radioman.Dearborn aborts the initial bomb run and orders the formation to circle around for a second attempt, which frustrates the Belle crew who have had to endure the ongoing attacks from the Germans.On the second run, Kozlowski spots the assembly plant through a gap in the smokescreen and the bombers successfully hit their target.He believes their success would help the war effort, and confides to Harriman that many people back home are upset at the losses the Air Force has suffered.Some are beginning to think daylight bombing is ineffective, while Harriman openly favors it.The German interceptors focus their attacks on the leading aircraft in the formation.The first lead bomber, Windy City, loses its engines and explodes in front of the Belle, piloted by Captain Dennis Dearborn (Matthew Modine) and co-pilot 1st Lt. More attacks ensue, and the replacement lead bomber, C Cup, is forced to break formation when its nose is crippled by a Bf 109.

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