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316 *Mini-Lesson, "Five Defers for Johnny" .....................

44 Supplementary Resources " 50 CONSUMER EMPHASIS/FOODS AND NUTRITION 53 Performance Objectives for the Consumer Emphasis The Consumer ^4 The Consumer in the Marketplace. , 77 Food Technology and Decision Making 80 Powerhouse ....."...„... View a favorite television program, and ana- lyze ways in which clothes are used to define the roles of two characters in the story. Experiment with food patterns that represents variety of cultural traditions* and- ethnic' back- grounds. Department of Housing and Urban Developmeni^ =: Pi&trrh tion Service Center, Rqoni^-SSf^l Seventh St., S. "Housing— Designing for People's Needs," JJlinois Teacher of Home Economics^olr XXVll, #4 (March-April), J 974.- 351 'Education Building, University of Illinois, Urbana, IL.. Penney Co., Inc., 1301 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 1 001 9. Penney Company, Inc., 1301 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10019. Sears, Roe- buck and Company, Association-Sterling Films,- Inc., -512 Burlington Ave., La Grange, IL 60525 (). Grolier Educational Cor- poration, Instructional Services Division, 845 • Third Ave., New Y ork, N Y 10099 () "Films and Tilmsfrips At Home 2001 (film). Portable -Appliances, Their Selection, Use, and Care. \ Consumer Emphasis/Human Development and Family Relations Performance Objectives for the Consumer pmphasis Instructional Strategics .

....]..' 24 A Reflection of Myself ^ Comparison Shopping 31 When Is a Bargain a Bargain? Two smaller bulletin boards could be developed to contrast the ecological cycle of natural and synthetic fabrics. Penney Company, Incl, 1301 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10019 (; or free loan from* local J. Consider the cost of using resources for present food wants and needs in terms of resources no longer available for other longer-term goals. Sacramento: Bure^^XJIt Dmemaking Education, Califqn\|a^S-tate Department of Education, "Money Management-Housing," Part I of the Con- sumer Education Series. Prod Uc- * tions, Inc., AIMS Instructional Media Service, Inc., P. Box 1010,'Hollywoqd, CA ^0028 (1 of a set of 4 filmstrips with cassettes, ). ' ^ Read Before You Write (film, instructional guide, and teaching aids). California Re2I Estate Associa- tion, 520 South Grand. Relate the accurate perception and utilization of available resources to the ability to create and maintain a satisfying environment.

58 48 ECOLOGY BULLETIN BOARD 1 Student groups may research the ecology of various fibers and fabrics, and change the bulletin board to illustrate the cycle for both natural and man-made fabrics. Relate changing social and economic conditions to the availability and use of food resources. \ 'Profile of a Polluter" (instructional setting)* Curriculum Design for Conswngr^Edvt^fion. Mc Cadden Place, Los Angeles, CA 90038, and 444 Mission Street, San Francisco (free loan). Real Estate and Your Life (resouxce--t consumer education^Jn^TU^foir^edition and student edition). Demonstrate the acceptance of diversity in life- styles of individuals and families who are adhering to their own values and standards of living.

Investigate FDA regulations relating to cos- metic labeling. Recycle This exercise is designed to help students identify ways in which recycling of clothing extends resources. Consumer and Retail Information Department, Celanese Fibers Mar- keting Co., 525 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10136. Consumer Information Services, Sears, Roebuck and Com- pany, Association-Sterling Films, Inc., agents for Sears Consumer Information Services, 512 Bur- lington Ave., La Grange, IL 60525 (.50 set). Star Consumer Sewing Department, American Thread, Department YWR, P. Nutrition and Ecology Suggested Learning Experiences , Instructional Resources 4 63 53 54 Foods and Hutrition AREAS OF CONSUMER EDUCATION The - Consumer LIFE-STYLES Relate kinds of foods used, methods of prepara- tion, and manner of services to differences iife life-styles of individuals and families.

Compare the information in the advertise- ment with that given on the label or container. Organize a bulletin board illustrating instruc- tions provided by care labels. 9 ERIC 62 Consumer Emphasis/Foods and Nutrition Performance Objectives for the Consumer Emphasis Instructional Strategies Brown Bag Polluters You Have a Right A Few of My Favorite Things Food Technology and Decision Making Power House W The Resources You Have \ Are You Buying Good Mutation or Only Groceries?

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