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Dating girls for sex without upgrading

Even as we walk past the big sign that says “Leasing Center” indicating the building is actually full of rental units rather than for-sale condominiums.

Then I saw her on Seeking Arrangement and sent her a message and she was like a completely different person!

I couldn’t help but feel bad for all the guys on Tinder who had to put up with her crap while I got the best side of her.

On Tinder or in real life, if she’s hot then she’ll often automatically perceive herself to be higher status than you.

That’s why you bring that cocky game to smash her pedestal into a million pieces and make her think, “hmm he must have a lot going for him to talk to me like that”.

Oh and please don’t try to sell me the idea of a Sugar Mama.

That market doesn’t exist (nor would I want it to).

Keep interactions brief, fun, and flirty before moving the conversation to text. I’ve only gone on a couple dates so far but I’m looking to pick one girl who’s fun and interesting to talk to. You seem like you could have potential so we should meet for a drink and get to know each other. It’s worth noting that I live in a two bedroom apartment and have a roommate. These visible parts of my lifestyle don’t exactly scream “millionaire”. I typically just tell the girls that I own the place and rent out the spare bedroom to one of my buddies.

Ask her to tell you more about herself beyond what is on her profile. I say it with a casual confidence and they’ve never questioned it.

You’ll have to think through your own individual logistics challenges and come up with solutions.

But worse-case scenario, you can take her to a hotel bar.

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