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Updating smoothwall kernel

This episode gives you some ideas as to what can be done with Linux, an operating system that is designed to be customizable.

Going Linux #338 · Personalizing Your Linux Desktop Introduction Show notes include screenshots and details Personalizing the Desktop on Linux Ubuntu MATE offers pre-configured panel layouts Traditional layout Contemparary layout Redmond layout Cupertino layout Pantheon layout Mutiny layout Netbook layout Keep personalizing, [email protected], 1-904-468-7889, @goinglinux, feedback, listen, subscribe End Going Linux #337 · Listener Feedback Introduction Mike: Comparing files Paul: Why the Think Pad Wifi was not working Paul: Wiping a hard drive Craig: Recommendation for cheap computer for content filtering Ken: Recommendation for Ubuntu MATE vs.

We also describe how to keep your preferences and settings for all of you Linux applications after an OS upgrade and after a nuke and pave.Mint Chris: Recommendation for configuration management Jeff: Back channel connections to Solus Justin: Recommendation on a light-weight distribution, [email protected], 1-904-468-7889, @goinglinux, feedback, listen, subscribe End Dec 20: #336 · 2017 Year End Review Dec 05: #335 · Listener Feedback Nov 05: #334 · Listener Feedback Oct 20: #333 · One Installation File - Many Linux Distributions Oct 05: #332 · Listener Feedback Sep 20: #331 · Whole Disk Cloning on Linux Sep 05: #330 · Listener Feedback Aug 20: #329 · Using 4K Monitors on Linux Aug 05: #328 · Listener Feedback Jul 20: #327 · Things You Can Do In Windows And How To Do Them In Linux Jul 05: #326 · Listener Feedback Jun 20: #325 · Getting Rid of 'Cruft' After An Upgrade Jun 05: #324 · Listener Feedback May 20: #323 · Ubuntu MATE: A Typical Linux Distribution May 05: #322 · Listener Feedback Apr 20: #321 · Sabayon Revisited Apr 05: #320 · Listener Feedback Mar 20: #319 · Backups with Grsync Mar 05: #318 · Listener Feedback Feb 20: #317 · Linux Distros Reviewed Feb 05: #316 · Listener Feedback Jan 20: #315 · 10th Anniversary Episode Jan 05: #314 · Listener Feedback Going Linux #336 · 2017 Year End Review Introduction Highlights of 2017 Ubuntu MATE: Two books and a guide within the distribution. Goodbye net neutrality The Minion Network begins Linux takes over the world!and minions Göran: Even more DD progress Ken: Another volunteer minion Jeff: Disk cloning Ali: A question about Snaps Greg: Another minion! Snaps: Intro Flat Paks: Intro App Images: Intro Snap App Image Flat Pak More details and how to create packages Which should I use? Mike: Grsync documentation link Michael: An alternative link Adrian: A minion-written article!, [email protected], 1-904-468-7889, @goinglinux, feedback, listen, subscribe End An excerpt on accessibility on boot from our new book, 'Using Ubuntu MATE and Its Applications.' Feedback on whole disk cloning, passwords, encryption, Bleach Bit on Linux, restarting after a freeze, and drivers. Going Linux #332 · Listener Feedback Introduction Fun with phones Scott: GPart Ed for whole disk cloning Michael: Which distribution is best for using the Orca screen reader? Going Linux #329 · Using 4K Monitors on Linux Introduction Bill buys the book Hi DPI (4K) monitors Display settings Change the font size Change the icon size Change the pointer size Modify the greeter Why you might not want to use the 4K settings A wish for the future Some thoughts on why you might use 4K We switch from Skype to Discord, [email protected], 1-904-468-7889, @goinglinux, feedback, listen, subscribe End Going Linux #328 · Listener Feedback Introduction Technology adventures Bill's new gaming laptop Tony: Needs help with screen resolution Roy: Asks about App Images Skyward Abyss: System76 Stickers Serge: Recommended Skype alternatives Nancy: About her new book, and ours, 'Your Data, Your Devices, and You' Mike: Creating a network drive Bob: Mouse button thanks for the offer to help Tony: Where do I contribute pictures for network diagrams? Going Linux #327 · Things You Can Do In Windows And How To Do Them In Linux Introduction This topic is revisited and updated Co-hosts revisited The Super Key defined Display system information (graphical) Display system information (command line) Shut down or reboot How to control the drag and drop action Use a dialog box to open an application or a URL Lock your computer quickly Bill tries Netrunner, [email protected], 1-904-468-7889, @goinglinux, feedback, listen, subscribe End Larry has published a book: 'Ubuntu MATE: Upgrading from Windows or OSX.' Sebastien solves his problem with the filled-up hard drive.We find out how, and some other things to consider.You can download any episode from the direct links below, or you can play it in your browser with the provided player.You can also receive the podcast automatically if you have software like i Tunes, Amarok, Rhythmbox or g Podder.Each episode is documented with time stamps so you can skip forward to just the right thing.For each episode, we provide the show in both mp3 and ogg audio formats, and we post extensive show notes.

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