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And I swear Jonghyun grabbed his crotch during the dance interval.

:: NOTE:: I’ve changed the links multiple times because they keep getting removed =.=” If there’s a problem, let me know and I’ll go find another link! From Changmin’s high note, the “Come on come on”, the punching move, the leg sliding, to “my devils ride” and Junsu’s “you’re my super special love now” back to Changmin’s “my baby baby baby” and then to Jae’s “Ye~eah”.

Anyway many artists attended this and I’m pretty sure it was for a good cause :). If it wasn’t for lyrics, I seriously would never know that Changmin is singing “chrome heart” XD. During the rap when Yunho lifted up his arm, I saw that his top was in fact just a piece of fabric attached by one little bit hehehehe. Also, I will forever love everything that happens after the rap.

She’ll probably find her way here without me telling her anyway x PP.

I will say though, that Dongwan looked really handsome and Younha’s voice is so so pretty.

N Blue CSJH Davichi DBSK EHB Epik High Eric Mun f(x) F. T Island Fly to the sky Hyori Infinite Jang Geun Suk Joo K.

Formed in 1911 by racing driver Louis Chevrolet and the founder of General Motors, William C.I liked what was on the back screen during their performance best : D.The choreography is cute as expected lol but in some parts it was really messy. 2AM 2NE1 2PM 4Minute 8eight After School Baek Ji Young Bae Seul Gi Beast Big Bang Bo A Boys over Flowers Brown Eyed Girls C.He sang really well here too, even though the music was softer than usual and definitely in comparison to their singing.You also have to watch his expressions carefully during Key’s rap; he’s so hilarious.Rainism – Rain really is a wonderful performer :) I’m not like a die-hard Rain fan so there really isn’t anything else I can comment on hehe ^^”” Promise – I feel so noob talking about Dongwan’s performance with Younha XD.I’ll get beckery to edit this when she’s not studying for exams.Rain passed his mic to Jae, I think, then Jae is like “no no, you sing” !!!Minwoo is so short lmao AND I SEE BROWN EYED GIRLS!! :: EDIT:: My Style – Ooh I didn’t expect Brown Eyed Girls to perform My Style lol. The song is not as catchy as “How Come” and actually reminds me of their song “Love”.The Jongkyung couple is the youngest couple of the current entertainment business, having dating for only one month.Because it’s the first publicly announced couple with an idol, the news attracted a lot of attention.

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