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Dating asking for loan money

If you're running that tight, wouldnt you check first and/or ask to meet at Dunkin Donuts or something??? He went to meet this woman for a first date, and they decided to go out for a ride (I guess until they figured out what they wanted to do) and she decided she wanted some beer, so off they go to get her some beer.

sue I am someone who was taken for a great deal by con artists. (He doesn't drink, didn't want any.) When he parks the car, she goes to get out and when she noticed he wasn't getting out, too, she asked him to come in with her.

I don't think logically someone would purposely try to take money from someone else, if she was a bad person, she would have taken you for more.

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This is after bugging her almost everyday for about 6 months.At first I said no and explained it made her sound like she was using me, she started crying, I told her I would loan her the money if she signed an agreement that she would pay me back as I was writing the agreement she said she would get the money from her dad and that she was offended I wanted her to sign an agreement over (This was our first meeting). I will do almost anything to help a friend but do not want to be taken advantage of, clearly this woman was just trying to see if she could get/take something from me.Has this ever happened to anyone else and was I correct in asking her to sign an agreement that she would pay me back? As he only wanted a couple of pounds i gave it him.This chick went into the store and got a ding dang cart and proceeded to fill this cart all the way to the top, lol, and guess what happened next?! She actually stood there silently again, until finally (cause he wasn't biting this time! I hate to give up my legacy, but it looks like the only way I can get any of my money is to ask someone like you for help. You showed good judgement not just handing her the money.I just need five thousand dollars (,000.00) to pay off the money grubbers there on the Caymans. If she was that hard up then why did she not just ask her dad to give her the money to begin with instead of getting the money from her dad to pay you back. When meeting for dinner on the first date, make sure you are the first to arrive.out your lovely waitress/waiter for the evening and stress SEPARATE BILLS.. that way if the date turns out to be a your own tab and smile as you walk out.(Independance runs deep...) Is the 30 dollars worth your lack of faith in a person, no matter what your honest intentions are? I would have followed her to the gas station and filled up her tank, if I was a guy and a gentleman. I don't think you were being unfair, just seemed to be untrusting.Would you make a stranger you are trying to impress sign a piece of paper for 5 bucks? It would show that you are generous, and at the same time show ensure that is really what the money is for. But it truly is your hard earned money, so do with it what you will, it is your choice. tho i did go on a date recently with a guy who "all of a sudden realized" in the midst of the date that he didn't have any money on him. so then i said ok well, we have credit cards, we can get by on that, to which he responded saying he didn't have any credit cards either... :-PWhat a cold bunch of people , all the poor girl asked for was 30 dollars, my god talk about heartless cad.Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...Last year I went out on a date with a female I met through this site.I agreed to buy her dinner and I thought that we were having a great time, just before the bill comes she says she does not have enough gas to get home nor enough money to get home, she was being paid the next day and would pay me back and she says that she wanted to borrow .

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